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Why do you need a Personal Training?

Working out can really get confusing.

It’s clear that the idea is to achieve your desired result by being consistent and working hard, but it can be difficult to figure out what that really means.

Not to mention that with so much contradictory information online, it’s even tougher to distinguish bro science from what’s tried and true.

So how are you supposed to know if your exercise routine is safe, effective, and ensures success?

Easy, ask a pro!

If you’ve ever had any of these doubts (and even if you haven’t), it’s probably time that you consider finding a personal trainer.

Working with a personal trainer is extremely valuable whether you’re exercising for the first time, or you want to refine your skills to perform at a higher level.

Read on and you’re bound to see that investing in a personal trainer is an investment in yourself.

Get Results with a PT

Having a personal trainer (or PT) is educational experience.

They are certified professionals who have studied how to help clients become healthier through exercise.

When you work with a trainer, they will help you to decide what kind of exercise best fits your needs, preferences, and goals.

You’ll learn how to move correctly in the gym which translates to moving and feeling better in your day-to-day life. Think you’re too advanced for a trainer?

Unlikely considering that the best professional athletes in the world have trainers and coaches.

Even if you’ve been training for years, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair of eyes that can pick up on your bad habits and help tackle your weaknesses.

Whether or not you’re a novice, working with a personal trainer is a great way to make sure that your physique, performance, and knowledge are improving.

Save Time

Getting personal training is a time saver.

Forget planning your training or making up random workouts on the fly.

When you have a PT, all you have to do is show up to the gym because your trainer does the rest.

They will prepare and guide you through your session from warm up to cool down.

Your trainer will set the pace for the session making sure that you rest as much as you need and work as hard as you should.

In the long term, time is saved because having an educated and experienced professional takes the guesswork out of being successful on your fitness journey.

Your PT knows what steps to take in order to help you meet your goals.

Sessions are planned weeks in advance and your progress is measured with tests to make sure that you’re staying on track.

Besides, by having someone to oversee and adjust your program according to data, you’re far less likely to become bored, discouraged, or stagnant.

Don’t waste time sorting through pseudo-science and misinformation, just ask a professional.

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If you have a specific or time-based goal, hiring a PT is the place to start!

Not only will your trainer design a program to fit your needs, but they’ll also guide you along the way to ensure that you follow it correctly.

They’ll monitor and correct your form as necessary and adapt your training if you experience and pain or injury.

Personalization is especially important for anyone with limitations, special needs, and/or a medical condition (keeping your doctor in the loop, of course!).

In addition to having a program that’s 100% tailored to your needs, you can train when it’s most convenient for you.

No more conforming your schedule to get to a group class on time, just set a time with your trainer.

When you work with a trainer, you call the shots (even though it may not always seem that way!).

How can I find a PT?

Okay, we’ve established that having a personal trainer offers many benefits, but how do we find one?

We have two different options or rather, two different modalities: Face-to-face or online.

1 to 1 coaching in Mallorca

The first option is on-site and usually requires you to purchase a pass or pack of hour-long sessions with a trainer.

Many gyms and boxes offer one-to-one services, so usually it’s just a matter of calling or going there for more info.

You’ll be able to select your trainer or one will be appointed to you based on your schedule and your goals.

In your first session, it’s likely that your trainer will assess your current fitness level so that you’re both able to track your progress as you continue to train together.

Face-to-face is a good option if you can go to your training facility regularly. This is also the better option for those who are more receptive to receiving physical cues or corrections.

Online or remote coaching

This is an option that is becoming more popular these days.

Imagine being able to train in any gym that you want, any time that you want, in any language that you want.

That is the reality of having a remote coach or virtual trainer.

You’re not limited by geography to decide when, where or with whom you can receive training from which opens up a world of opportunities to find the specialist/trainer who can best help you achieve your goals.

One way that sessions with a virtual trainer can be conducted is through a live videocall.

The upside to this is that feedback is instant, and all interaction happens as you’re training.

Another type of remote coaching is via platform. In this case, everything happens through a communication platform such as True coach, or even Whatsapp.

Your trainer posts your programming (usually for the entire week), including objectives and videos to guide you through the session.

You can ask questions or even send videos of yourself training however the response may not be immediate.

This option offers a lot of autonomy and is great for anyone whose schedule makes it difficult to meet regularly with a trainer.

This also tends to be a more economical choice for those who train frequently.

Get Started Today Whichever route you chose, there’s a lot to be gained by seeking the help of a PT.

It’s not a magic solution; you’ll still have to put the time and effort into your workouts however, a trainer can help to get you closer to the results that you want in less time and with less risk. Moreover, a trainer is someone that you can learn from and hold yourself accountable to.

You’re far more likely to be consistent in your efforts when you know that someone else is dedicating their energy toward you achieving your goals.

Personal training is a valuable service that has never been more accessible. With all the technology and resources in our proximity, getting closer to a fitter version of yourself is a breeze even if your trainer is in a different time zone.