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CrossFit Box vs. Globo Gym

Being in the right environment is crucial for growth.

If putting in the time, but you’re still not getting what your want out of your training, maybe it’s time to consider a change of venue.

It can be difficult to know what the right fit is without exploring your options, so here we’ll look at some of the differences between training at conventional versus CrossFit gyms.

These reasons are sure to get you off the treadmill and into a box.

Training Environment

A conventional gym (also known as a Globo gym) is usually a large-scale franchise set in a sizeable, open space full of exercise machines and equipment.

Sometimes with an additional fee you can participate in instructional classes or personal training, but generally it’s a free-for-all where members can come and go as they please and train however they want provided that they obey gym guidelines.

In contrast, you have a CrossFit gym, known as a box.

CrossFit is primarily given in classes run by a coach or trainer.

gym versus crossfit

There is also the option of training in open box, where you’re free to do your own thing.

Typically, boxes are based in an industrial style warehouse.

There’s plenty of equipment such as Olympic lifting bars, gymnastics rigs, and free weights but aside from Assault bikes and ergometers, you won’t see nearly as many machines as you’d find in a Globo gym.

As any proud Crossfitter will tell you:

“We are the machines”.


If you’re going to invest several hours per week training, it might as well be in a place where everyone knows your name.

This brings us to what may be the strongest case in CrossFit’s favor and the reason why most people who try CrossFit tend to stick with it: the community.

CrossFit is a social activity.

It’s nearly impossible to spend an hour or more in a box with your headphones in, avoiding small talk, or silently scrolling through apps on your phone in between sets as is protocol in many commercial gyms.

Even if you’re new or if you train on your own, it’s likely that you’ll strike up a conversation with someone about an impressive score on the whiteboard or to commiserate about how sore you are from your last workout.

Besides, nothing brings people together like a mutual hate for burpees.

The community factor can also have a positive impact on your attendance.

better gym or crossfit

Even if you love exercising, sometimes finding the willpower to get up and go to the gym can be a challenge.

On the other hand, when it comes to making the 6 o’clock WOD that you had previously signed up for, it’s a question of obligation rather than motivation.

Also, you’re far more likely to workout consistently if you know that your coach or your classmates are expecting you to show up.


A good value means that you expect equal, if not more quality than what you’re paying for.

While it’s easy to come across ‘budget’ or ‘low-cost’ Globo gyms, CrossFit gyms generally have more to offer.

I’ll explain:

When you sign up at a Globo gym, you’re paying to access the space and use the equipment within a specified timetable.

Additional services like personal training and group classes are usually hired at the discretion of the client and at an additional cost.

When you’re a member at a CrossFit gym, you typically pay for a fixed number of classes per week which includes access to the space, use of equipment, but also programming and coaching.

These are two huge advantages firstly because training under the guidance of a professional means that you’re more likely to get the results that you’re after despite having little or no background knowledge about fitness or exercise.

Secondly, you don’t have to spend any of your free time looking up tutorials or routines online, and you don’t have to go through your workout wondering if you’re moving correctly or doing enough to get fitter/stronger/faster.

When you go to CrossFit, the workout is designed and presented in a structured way and you’re under the constant supervision of a coach.

Going to a CrossFit class is essentially sharing a personal trainer within a small group of people.

You get gym access, an adaptable training plan, and a coach at your disposal.

Now that’s a bargain!

Training Intensity

Depending on the day, working out in a conventional gym can be hit or miss.

Some days you feel like you can take on the world, and other days your heart and mind just aren’t in it.

20 minutes of work can take twice as long if you lack focus and planning.

Meanwhile, CrossFit promises a complete, fast-paced, high intensity workout that takes about an hour.

Workouts can be individual or done in pairs or teams.

gym is better than crossfit

Either way, training in groups is an easy way to guarantee an elevated level of intensity.

This is because you’re more likely to work harder when you’re training alongside others and of course, when coach is watching.

Moreover, the results of CrossFit workouts are usually quantified by how quickly you can finish the work, how many rounds and reps you are able to perform within a given time cap, or how much weight you can use.

This makes it easy to compare scores with professional crossfitters, your colleagues, or your own previous times.

Don’t worry though, it’s healthy competition. No matter who scores highest, it’s expected that after you finished the workout, you stay and cheer for the others that are still going through it.

There’s a reason why CrossFit is so addictive; not only is it an effective way to get into shape, but it’s also an opportunity to be included into a community that spans the globe.

Even though you can get in shape by training at a Globo gym, these spaces don’t have the same ability to connect people who value integrity, discipline, growth, and camaraderie.

When you venture into a CrossFit box, you may as well meet your best friend, partner in crime, or soulmate.

At the very least, every workout ends with a fist bump.